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Elie Wiesel, Night, and the Holocaust

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Dr. Mengele: man or myth?

      For decades, former SS Hauptsturmfuehrer [Captain] Josef Mengele was the most notorious Nazi criminal thought to be alive. Mengele served during World War II as a "doctor" at the Auschwitz concentration camp, where more than one million prisoners were executed.  Some people believe this "angel of death" is just a boogie man created to scare disobedient children, but most are sure that he was as real as it gets. 
      When prisoners arrived at Auschwitz, Mengele and his "doctor" colleagues selected young men who appeared strong enough to be used for slave labor or by the Third Reich in some way. All other prisoners, which was a large number, were immediately murdered by gassing in specially designed chambers. Mengele was also notorious for performing gruesome medical experiments on prisoners, including children, especially those who were twins.
      In 1981, the State Prosecutor in Frankfurt issued a warrant for Josef Mengele's arrest. This document contains a list of Dr. Mengele's crimes. SOme people describe it as a catalog of horror. Dr. Mengele is accused of murder on a massive scale. 
      Because of his highly  significant role in Hitler's killing spree, Doctor Mengele  became a symbol of the Holocaust; in particular, his name became synonymous with the evil of Auschwitz, the site on which more people were murdered than any other in recorded human history. The thought of him being free was very painful for all Holocaust survivors, especially his victims. If indeed he was alive, as most people thought at the time, everyone wanted that he pay for the damages that he had done.
      In February 1985, the U.S. Department of Justice investigated allegations that Mengele had been in U.S. custody. Four allegations came out: (1) Mengele was a prisoner of war in U.S. custody in 1945 and had been knowingly released; (2) He had lived openly under his own name in his own home town following the war,(3) he was arrested by U.S. forces in Vienna in 1946 and released; and (4) He was used by U.S. intelligence agencies which helped him escape Europe for South America in 1949.
      The purpose of the search for Mengele was to determine his location, activities and affiliations from 1945-1949, and to determine where he was in 1985, so that authorities in Germany or Israel could put him on trial.  In my opinion, Josef Mengele could be anywhere, and most likely he is dead.  I believe he took the same path towards hell as Hitler died, and he well deserved it.

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