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Elie Wiesel, Night, and the Holocaust

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Can Night fall again?

      I don't belive that humanity is cruel enough to let Night happen again.  In the past, racial and religious tension around the world was at a very intense point.  In the Holocaust, the Nazi party exterminated millions of Jewish people, and the rest of the world knew harly anything about it, if anything at all.  Int the 1800's in the United States, Caucasians belived they were racially superior to the Africans that had been shipped to America.  Those Africans were considered to be inferior for more than a century, but today everyone is considered to be "created equal".
      However, persecution still remains in some part of the world. The country of Biafra was established by Igbos who felt they could not develop, or even survive, within Nigeria. In 1966, numerous Igbos were killed in Nigeria, where they had migrated in order to engage in commerce.  Seeking to maintain national unity, Nigeria imposed economic sanctions on Biafra from the start of the secession, and fighting between Nigeria and Biafra broke out in July, 1967.
      Nigeria attacked Biafra by air, land, and sea and gradually reduced the territory under its control.  More than one million of its civilian population are thought to have died as a result of severe malnutrition. At the time of its surrender in 1970, Biafra was greatly reduced in size, its people were starving, and its leader, Ojukwu, had fled the country. During its existence Biafra was recognized by only five nations, although other countries gave moral or material support.
      The fighting between Biafra and Nigeria shows how possible it is that another Night could occur.  The relations between the Middle East and the United States are also something that a lot of people thought would never happen a few years ago.  However, countries are more capable today than they were back then of receiving information regarding concentration camp. If a country like the United States finds out about a wrongdoing such as the Nazi camps of the 1940's, everything will be done to prevent it from going on any further.  I do not think it will ever happen again as long as the world can maintain sanity.